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Bachelor's Degree in Climate Science

We emphasize the study of the behavior of weather and climate, and applications to the important practical problems of climate prediction. The program incorporates fundamental knowledge of physical climate with the emergence of a new and more complete approach, encompassing all components of the climate system—atmosphere, water, and land surface—to gain a comprehensive understanding of climate change as we face it.

Purpose and Uniqueness

The purpose of the Climate Science Degree is to prepare the next-generation citizens for climate change impacts facing them. One cannot effectively study climate change without first learning the climate science. Understanding future impacts to natural and human systems, formulating impact mitigation strategies, and formulating adaptation scenarios all begin with the climate science itself. The new program’s close proximity with (and involvement of) agriculture and soils faculty will contribute to a successful degree program in the sciences of climate change mitigation.

Graduates will be well prepared to pursue graduate education in atmospheric science, climatology, hydrology and most other physical sciences, but especially suited for interdisciplinary science programs. The skills instilled in the graduates will qualify them as research technicians in federal, state and university laboratories. They will also be qualified to work with private sectors to design and conduct observations and data analyses for tasks related to weather, climate, water, and energy.