Assistantships & Fellowships



Graduate Student Assistantship in Soil Science
The Plant, Soils and Climate Department at Utah State University is delighted to announce that we will award a four-year assistantship to the top PhD applicant in Soil Science. Learn more here.


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Apogee Instruments/Campbell Scientific Fellowship

Up to five awards of $1,000 per year will be made to each of five graduate students.  These awards are for students who have completed their plan of study and research proposal. 
 For fellowship consideration send the following to the scholarship committee:
1. A fully signed copy of the plan of study (including signature by the Dean of the Graduate school).
2. A fully signed copy of the cover page and list of hypotheses from the thesis or dissertation proposal.
3. GRE scores from all three categories (the sum must be above 150), undergraduate GPA (above 3.3), and Graduate GPA (above 3.6).
4. Must have at least 9 months left in their graduate program.
Selection criteria will also be based on the insight demonstrated by the hypotheses in the research proposal and the extent to which the proposed research is hypothesis driven.
Bringhurst Fellowship for Fruit Science
Tanner/CSI Fellowship
This year it will awarded to TWO students. $3,200 per student.



For College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences scholarships click here (Deadline January 31).

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