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Graduate Student Opportunity for Land Use and Land Cover Change Study
We seek a highly motivated graduate student (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) to participate in the studies of land use and land cover change in the Southern Great Plains, USA. Researchers at the Earth Observation and Modeling Facility (EOMF) use both optical remote sensing data (e.g., MODIS, Landsat) and synthetic aperture radar data (PALSAR) to quantify land use and land cover change. Student will carry out field surveys for ground truth data in support of algorithm development and validation, and develop new algorithms that synergize both optical images and SAR images for better quantification of land use and land cover change in the region. Student will also present the research results in national and international scientific meetings and conferences, as well as peer-reviewed scientific journals. The position will start in fall 2013 semester (8/2013).
Graduate Program: Candidates may apply for graduate programs in Plant Biology or Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology
( at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, USA.
Qualification: Candidates may have a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in ecology, natural resources, forestry, agriculture, geography, Earth System science, statistics, computer science and mathematics. He/she may have good working experience and publications in one or more areas: remote sensing, GIS, land use models, computer programming language (C++, C, IDL, Python), and statistic software (e.g., R, Matlab). Good communication and writing skills is a plus.
Financial Support: We will support the successful candidate with a 12-month Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) stipend and annual tuition. The financial support is renewable annually dependent upon the project progress, candidate’s performance and fund availability.
Contact Person: For additional information, please contact Prof. Xiangming Xiao
( at the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology, and the Centerfor Spatial Analysis, University of Oklahoma.
The Earth Observation & Modeling Facility ( is part of the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology ( and the Center for Spatial Analysis ( It is located at the Stephenson Research and Technology Center ( The EOMF has a state-of-the-art computational facility with 400+ Terabyte raid disk system and 10 Linux servers; and it also has access to the OU’s supercomputer with 1040 quad-core CPU chips and the OU’s PetaStore facility (several Petabyte disk and tape storage). The EOMF data portal hosts several hundred terabytes of data (e.g., satellite images, geo-referenced field photos, climate) to support the studies of ecology, forestry, agriculture, and epidemiology of infectious diseases. The EOMF aims to develop a strong research and education program that integrates geo-informatics, eco-informatics and bio-informatics.


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Ph.D. Position in Climate Science
Utah State University, Logan, Utah

Utah State University opens a four-year Ph.D. position to study climate science in the Department of Plants, Soils and Climate ( The position will investigate natural variability and climate change, weather and climate extremes, paleoclimatology through dendrochronology, drought cycles and implications for water resources and human adaptation.
Responsibilities are flexible and open-ended, and student interests will guide the scientific developments. Preferred M.S. backgrounds include meteorology, atmospheric/climate science, applied physics, or physical geography. Students with an interest in cross-disciplinary research are highly encouraged. Some familiarity with computer programming languages is required (Fortran, Python, R, GrADS, NCL, etc.). Through international collaborative visits to 1-2 Asian universities and/or research centers, the student will be able to work collaboratively with scientists oversea and expose to the global perspective of climate change. The student will receive training in climate modeling, climate diagnostics, dendroclimatology, and benefit from collective mentorship in a vibrant, interdisciplinary research environment.
The Ph.D. fellowship is for 4 years with an annual stipend of $20,000 plus full tuitions. Minimum GPA 3.0. Interested candidates should contact Prof. Simon Wang <> before January 2014.

Apogee Instruments/Campbell Scientific Fellowship

Up to five awards of $1,000 per year will be made to each of five graduate students.  These awards are for students who have completed their plan of study and research proposal. 
 For fellowship consideration send the following to the scholarship committee:
1. A fully signed copy of the plan of study (including signature by the Dean of the Graduate school).
2. A fully signed copy of the cover page and list of hypotheses from the thesis or dissertation proposal.
3. GRE scores from all three categories (the sum must be above 150), undergraduate GPA (above 3.3), and Graduate GPA (above 3.6).
4. Must have at least 9 months left in their graduate program.
Selection criteria will also be based on the insight demonstrated by the hypotheses in the research proposal and the extent to which the proposed research is hypothesis driven.
Bringhurst Fellowship for Fruit Science
Tanner/CSI Fellowship
This year it will awarded to TWO students. $3,200 per student.


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