Posted by: Skyler Di Stefano on Apr 16, 2012

Students Lend a Helping Hand in Honduras

Student Couple Gives Medical Aid and Builds High Tunnels in Honduras

Spencer Maughan, a Nutrition Science major, and his wife Tiffany, Horticulture major, recently returned from a service vacation in San Pedro Sula, Honduras with a non-profit organization called One Life at a Time.

The mission and goal of the One Life at a Time organization is to educate the population so individuals can get on their feet and together make the necessary changes to better their way of life.

Tiffany helped to build high tunnels to protect crops from washing away in heavy rains. The food grown in the high tunnels will be used to provide funding to many who are trying to attend a local technical college. The college will provide a learning atmosphere and teach basic educational ideas, such as business. Finding money to pay for school is difficult. Honduras has a 50 percent unemployment rate and the average daily wage is $1.50 a day, with food and fuel prices the same as in the United States.

Spencer aided in a medical and dental clinic, where people waiting in the long line had NEVER seen a doctor and those who had seen a dentist were rare. Spencer said he saw health issues that he had only seen or read about in textbooks.

Another portion of the service vacation was spent at a “nutrition rehabilitation center” where malnutrition children go to obtain proper food. However, because of the economic state of most of the population the center becomes more like an orphanage than temporary rehabilitation center.

Spencer and Tiffany said it was a very educational and eye-opening trip. The couple got to see poverty issues, especially in the human health aspect. Spencer and Tiffany got to work along side volunteers from Cache Valley, as well as with locals from Honduras.

Writer: McCarty Hatfield