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Name Title Phone Email
Aston, Craig D. Senior Lecturer, Ornamental Horticulture 435-797-2247 craig.aston@usu.edu
Black, Brent Associate Professor/Extension Fruit Specialist (435) 797-2174 brent.black@usu.edu
Boettinger, Janis L. Professor 435-797-4026 Janis.Boettinger@usu.edu
Bugbee, Bruce Professor 435-797-2765 bruce.bugbee@usu.edu
Cardon, Grant E. Associate Professor/Extension Soils Specialist 435-797-2278 grant.cardon@usu.edu
Carman, John G. Professor 435-512-4913 john.carman@usu.edu
Creech, Earl Assistant Professor 435-797-7319 earl.creech@usu.edu
Drost, Dan Professor, Extension Vegetable Specialist 435-797-2258 dan.drost@usu.edu
Gillies, Robert R. Professor 435-797-2664 robert.gillies@usu.edu
Grossl , Paul R. Professor of Biogeochemistry 435-797-0411 paul.grossl@usu.edu
Hipps, Lawrence E. Professor-Climate 435-797-2009 lawrence.hipps@usu.edu
Hole, David Professor Plant Breeding/Genetics 435-797-3455 david.hole@usu.edu
Jacobson, Astrid R. Assistant Professor--Soil Chemistry 435-797-2184 astrid.jacobson@usu.edu
Jin, Jiming Associate Professor 435-213-7176 jiming.jin@usu.edu
Johnson, Paul G. Professor; Interim Department Head 435-797-7039 paul.johnson@usu.edu
Jones, Scott B. Professor of Environmental Soil Physics 435-797-2175 scott.jones@usu.edu
Kjelgren, Roger K. Professor-Horticulture 435-797-2972 roger.kjelgren@usu.edu
Kopp, Kelly Associate Professor/Extension Water Conservation and Turfgrass Specialist 435-757-6650 kelly.kopp@usu.edu
MacAdam, Jennifer W. Associate Professor - Plant Physiology and Forage Production 435-797-2364 jennifer.macadam@usu.edu
Norton, Jeanette M. Professor Soil Microbiology 435-797-2166 jeanette.norton@usu.edu
Ransom, Corey V. Associate Professor-Weed Science 435-797-2242 corey.ransom@usu.edu
Rasmussen, V. Philip Pro. Sustainable Soils & Precision Ag; Director, Western SARE Center 435-797-0504 philip.rasmussen@usu.edu
Reeve, Jennifer Associate Professor of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture 435-797-3192 jennifer.reeve@usu.edu
Roper, Teryl Professor 435-797-8698 teryl.roper@usu.edu
Rupp, Larry A. Professor Ornamental Horticulture, Extension Specialist 435-232-1158 larry.rupp@usu.edu
Spranger, Anne M. Lecturer 435-797-0568 anne.spranger@usu.edu
Wang, Shih-Yu (Simon) Assistant Professor-Climate 435-757-3121 simon.wang@usu.edu
Whitesides, Ralph E. Professor and Weed Science Extension Specialist 435-797-8252 ralph.whitesides@usu.edu
Young, Stanford A. Research Professor 435-797-2082 stanford.young@usu.edu