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David Hole

David Hole

Professor Plant Breeding/Genetics
Area of Study: Agronomy, Crop Science, Plant Science
Employee Type: Faculty
Office Phone:  435-797-3455
2325 Old Main Hill RGH 112A, Logan Utah 84322-2325

Specialties: Cereal breeding

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Texas A & M University




Iowa State University


Plant Breeding/Cytogenetics


Texas A & M University






Fulbright Fellow - Royal University of Agriculture, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Visiting Scientist - Kasetsart University, Kamphaeng Saen, Thailand


Visiting Scientist - Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Yangling, China


Visiting Scientist - Crop & Food Research Lincoln, New Zealand

Selected Publications:

  1. Liang, M., D. Hole, J. Wu, T. Blake, and Y. Wu. 2012. Expression and functional analysis of NUCLEAR FACTOR-Y, subunit B genes in barley. Planta, 235:779-791.
  2. Reeve, J.R., J.B. Endelman, B.E. Miller, and D.J. Hole. 2012. Residual Effects of Compost on Soil Quality and Dryland Wheat Yield  Sixteen Years after Compost Application. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 76(1): 278–285.
  3. Chen, J., E.J. Souza, M.J. Guttieri, K. O’Brien, J. Wheeler, L. Sorensen, J. Clayton, X.M. Chen, B.J. Goates, D. Hole, B.D. Brown, J.M. Marshall, and R. Zemetra. 2012. Registration of “UI SRG” Wheat. J. Plant Regist. 6(1): 66–70.
  4. Chen, J., C. Chu, E.J. Souza, M.J. Guttieri, X. Chen, S. Xu, D. Hole, R. Zemetra. 2011 Genome-wide identification of QTL conferring high temperature adult-plant (HTAP) resistance to stripe rust (Puccinia striiformais f. sp. tritici) in wheat. Molecular Breeding 29:791-800.
  5. Nair, S, S Ullrich, T Blake, B Cooper, C Griffey, P Hayes, DJ Hole, R Horsley, D Obert, K Smith, G Muehlbauer, B-K Baik 2010 Variation in Kernel Hardness and Associated Traits in U.S. Barley Breeding Lines. Cereal Chemistry, 87(5), 461-466.
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  8. Kaur P, SR Larson, BS Bushman, R R-C Wang, IW Mott, D Hole, J Thimmapuram, G Gong, L Liu, 2008. Genes controlling plant growth habit in Leymus (Triticeae): maize barren stalk1 ( ba1 ), rice lax panicle, and wheat tiller inhibition ( tin3 ) genes as possible candidates. Funct. & Integr. Genomics. 8:375-386.
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