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Paul G. Johnson

Paul G. Johnson

Professor; Department Head
Area of Study: Plant Science
Emphasis: Hort Science, Landscaping, Ornamental Horticulture, Turf
Employee Type: Administration, Faculty
Location:  AGRS 333
Office Phone:  435-797-7039
Fax:  435-797-3376
Cell Phone:  435-770-0112
4820 Old Main Hill AGS 306
Logan Utah 84322-4820

 Specialties:  Turfgrass science

Professor, Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate, Utah State University. Appointment: 70% Research, 20% Teaching, 10% Service.


Research and Teaching Philosophy

To learn about the grasses by studying their biology and ecology. The turfgrass environment, while being somewhat two dimensional, is a very diverse and dynamic system. It is unique because of the intense demands of our use and that of the urban climate.


Current Research Topics

·         Evaluation and development of stress tolerant (salt and drought) and sustainable turfgrasses for the Intermountain West, especially bluegrasses, wheatgrasses, and fine fescue species.

·         Organic golf course management in Utah

·         Drought Management, Utah--an interdisciplinary project studying climate, water storage in the mountains, runoff, and urban water use.

·         Turfgrass variety trials



Ph.D.  Horticulture, 1995, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota. Related field: Plant breeding. Thesis title: Genetics and Physiology of Flowering in Selected Poa annua L.

M.S.   Horticulture, 1991, University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota. Thesis title: Factors affecting seed set of Poa annua  L. using an excised stem technique.

B.S.    Horticulture, 1986, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.
Options: Turfgrass Management; Science


Current Teaching Activities

·         PSC 3810: Turfgrass Management. Fall semester

·         PSC 4900: Prof. Turfgrass Management/Landscape Water Conservation. Spring semester


Current Graduate Student Advising:

·         Lijun Wang, M.S. Evaluation of Poa pratensis hybrids.

·         Yingmei Ma, M.S. Genetic and morphological variation of Fetuca ovina x F. idahoensis hybrids.

·         Hang Duong, M.S. Quantify drought mechanisms on turfgrass and Alder maritima.

·         Nisa Leksungnoen, PhD. A comparison of salt tolerance responses in grass and woody species.



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