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V. Philip Rasmussen

V. Philip Rasmussen

Pro. Sustainable Soils & Precision Ag; Director, Western SARE Center
Area of Study: Soil Science
Emphasis: Soil Management/Sustainability
Employee Type: Administration, Extension, Faculty
Location:  AGRS 115
Office Phone:  435-797-0504
Fax:   (435) 797-3344
Cell Phone:  435-770-0630
4820 Old Main Hill AGS 305
Logan Utah 84322-4820

Specialties; Sustainable agriculture

Webpage (Western SARE): http://wsare.usu.edu
Webpage (USU Geospatial Extension Program): http://extnasa.usu.edu


(Viewable PDF of Complete Vita)

V. Philip Rasmussen, Jr.

TITLE: Professor & Extension Specialist
Director, Western Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Center
Assistant Director, Utah State Extension Service
Assistant Director, Utah State Ag Experiment Station

B.S. - Soil Science (major), Physics (minor)
Utah State University, 1974
(USU Honors Program Graduate)

M.S. - Soil Science and Biometeorology (Soil Physics)
Utah State University, 1976
Major Professor: Dr. R. John Hanks

Ph.D. - Agronomy (Soil Physics and Remote Sensing)
Kansas State University, 1979 (Sigma Xi honoree)
Major Professor: Dr. Edward T. Kanemasu

2007 - present Director, Western SARE Center, USU
2008 - 2009 Acting National Director, USDA-CSREES-SARE, Washington D.C.
1999 - Present Professor & NASA Geospatial Extension Specialist, PSC Dept., USU
1996 - 1999: Professor & Department Head, Plants, Soils, & Biometeorology Department, USU
1993 - Present: Coordinator, Western Region SARE Program, USU
1993 - Present Assistant Director, Utah Ag. Experiment Station, USU;
Assistant Director, University Extension, USU
1992 - 1996: Professor & Department Head, Agricultural Systems Technology & Ed., USU
1990 - 1992: Professor & Asst. Department Head, Plants, Soils, & Biometeorology Department, USU;
State Extension Soil Conservation Specialist, & State Extension Computer Specialist, USU
1984 - 1990: Associate Professor, Soil Science & Biometeorology Department, USU;
State Extension Soil and Water Conservation Specialist, & State Ext. Computer Specialist, USU
1981 - 1984: Assistant Professor, Soil Science & Biometeorology Department, USU;
State Extension Soil and Water Conservation Specialist, USU
1978 - 1981: Asst. Professor & Director, Microcomp. Farm Management Lab, Ricks College, Rexburg, ID

1. Kellogg Foundation NELD Fellow (National Extension Leadership Development Program) operated by the USDA-ES and University of Wisconsin-Madison
2. 1990 National USDA-CSREES Research Manager (New Department Heads) workshop in Washington D.C. June 11-16, 1990

• Appointed as Acting National USDA-CSREES-SARE Director (2008-2009)
• Appointed to the National ANSI sustainable standard task force (2008)
• Appointed Director of the Western Region SARE Center at USU (2007)
• Appointed to the National ASA-CSSA-SSSA “COSA” Committee (2007)
• Appointed to the Southwest Carbon Sequestration Task Force (2004)
• Reappointed to the Utah Soil Conservation Commission and USDA-NRCS Regional Technical Committee (2004)
• Appointed to the Western Region IPM Governing Board and Executive Steering Committee (2004)
• Appointed as the first NASA Land-Grant/Space Grant Geospatial Extension Specialist in the nation (1999)
• Appointed as Western Regional Coordinator, USDA-CSREES SARE Program (1994)
• Appointed as Western Region Representative (voting member) for the USDA National Sustainable Agriculture Operations Committee (1994)
• Appointed as Western Region Representative to the National (USDA) Sustainable Agriculture Network (1990)
• Member, SWCS (Soil and Water Conservation Society) CPECS/ARCPACS Professional Certification Exam Review Committee (1990)
• Member, CSRS/CES¬ – WRCC-67 Low-Input Sustainable Ag Committee (Regional Coordinating Committee) (1987)
• Member, Pacific Northwest Advisory Committee on sustainable (low-input) ag for cereal/legume systems (1987)
• Elected Chairman of Western Region Extension Computer Applications Committee (1987)
• President, Utah Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society (SWCS, formerly SCSA) (1987)
• Member, Intermountain Endowment Fund for Conservation Tillage Research Committee (Industrial) (1987)
• Appointed to National Kellogg Foundation Agricultural Extension Computer Task Force (1982)

American Society of Agronomy
Soil Science Society of America
Western Soil Science Society
International Soil Science Society
Soil and Water Conservation Society
Epsilon Sigma Phi
Alpha Zeta
Sigma Xi
Phi Kappa Phi

PSC 5200 (2000-Present) - Site Specific Agriculture (Precision Ag)

Computerized GIS/GPS analysis of sustainable conservation systems. Remote sensing of soil erosion and soil anomalies. Small grain/legume conservation tillage systems (rotations, fertilizer placement, and moisture conservation), soil erosion on shallow soils and reclamation of severely-eroded soils. Microwave measurement of soil water. RF-video-telemetry for computer-enhanced data acquisition of soil surface anomalies and residues. Computer modeling of soil erosion processes.

1. Created new NASA Geospatial Extension Specialist program at USU (The first in the U.S.)
2. Administered the Regional SARE Chapter 3 (Congressionally mandated) Extension SARE program
3. Administered all Extension soil and water conservation, tillage, USDA conservation-cross-compliance & associated extension educational programs in Utah; Appointed Member of the State Soil Conservation Commission (28 years)


State: 19
Other: 5
Non-Competitive: 6
TOTAL DOLLARS: $57,416,189


Research Publications (refereed): 28
Research Reports / AES Bulletins: 82
Papers Presented / Abstracts: 77
Pop Articles / Trade Publications: 21
Extension Bulletins / Fact Sheets: 183
Videos: 9
Computer Software / Infobases: 30


2010: Surpassed $55 million in USDA-SARE contracts & grants (as PI) at USU, with a 2010 total of $4.2 million
2008: Appointed as Acting National Director of the USDA-CSREES-SARE Program (detailed to Washington, DC)
2006: Obtained a 5-year renewal of the SARE Regional Headquarters ($4.2 million annually)
2006: Obtained a $250,000 NASA grant for the Geospatial Extension Specialist “On-Target” Fellowship program
2005: Awarded the National Sustainable Achievement Award by the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation
2004: Awarded a $47,000 USDA-CSREES GES grant (competitive, 1of 6 nationally)
2004: Awarded 3rd year USDA-CSREES-IFAFS Extension/Res. grant ($242,000)
2004: Awarded a $12,000 Southwestern Carbon Sequestration Partnership grant (Dept. of Energy)
2001: Obtained a $600,000 IFAFS Precision Ag Initiative Grant for the Geospatial Extension Specialist “On-Target” program
1999: Obtained funding for NASA Geospatial Extension Position ($150,000)
1998: Obtained a $100,000 private donation for the Horticulture Greenhouse Facility
1997: Obtained a $50,000 private donation for Precision Farming
1995: Obtained a $125,000 private donation for the Agricultural (ASTE) Distance Education Lab at USU.
1994: Appointed Assistant Director of Agricultural Extension and UAES in Utah (Linked to Western SARE Positions)
1993: Chosen as the Western Region SARE Coordinator in a region-wide, competitive selection process
1992: Selected as NELD Fellow and nominated for National SWCS Berg Fellowship
1991: Elected to Executive Committee of the USU Faculty Senate (elected to Senate in 1989)
1990: USU's Peterson Award at Commencement (Extension's Highest Award)
1989: Outstanding Young Men in America, Who's Who in the World, & American Men & Women of Science
1988: Honor Award from USDA-SCS for on-farm Conservation Tillage Research in Utah
1987: Elected Chairman of Western Extension Computer Application Committee (13 states)
1987: Elected President, Utah Chapter, Soil Conservation Society of America