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Biometeorology-Climatology People

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Lawrence Hipps

Office address at USU: AGSC 360
Phone: (435) 797-2009

Larry's research interests include:

• Interactions between vegetation and atmosphere, including surface fluxes of water, CO2 and energy.
• Wet and dry climate cycles of the Great Basin, and connections to large-scale ocean and atmosphere features.
• Effects of seasonal variations in weather on dendroclimatology reconstructions of climate.

More on Larry's Research   Curriculum Vita   Curriculum Vita.pdf  

Robert Gillies
Associate Professor

Office address at USU: 4825 Old Main Hill
Phone: (435) 760-8023

Rob's research interests include:

• Land surface processes and remote sensing, integrating the fields to study various aspects of the earth's environments.
• Utah Climate Center Director (Utah Climate Center)

More on Rob's Research

Jiming Jin
Assistant Professor

Office address at USU: NR 358
Phone: (435) 213-7176

Jiming's research interests include:

• Regional climate modeling and analysis.
• Snow modeling; Agricultural dust modeling; Lake process modeling.
•Land surface model development.
• Statistical climate downscaling.

More on Jiming's Research   Curriculum Vita   Jiming's Lab Group

Shih-Yu (Simon) Wang
Assistant Professor

Office address at USU: AGSC 136
Phone: (435) 757-3121

Simon's research interests include:

• Climate dynamics/diagnostics.
• Synoptic meteorology.
• Climate change.
• Extreme weather.

More on Simon's Research   Curriculum Vita


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