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Janis' Courses
PSC 2010 - Soils, Waters, and the Environment
Introduction to principles of physical and biological science. Discussion of current environmental topics, focusing on soil and the waters that contact the soil. Topics include water quality, global climate change, deforestation, soil conservation, and agricultural sustainability.
3 Credit hours; Breadth Physical Sciences (BPS), Spring
PSC 5130/6130 - Soil Genesis, Morphology, and Classification
Morphology, development, and classification of soils. Lectures and weekly field exercises emphasize soil as a natural body of the landscape: its properties, distribution, behavior, and interpretations for diverse land uses. Prerequisite: Understanding of fundamental soil science; PSC 3000 recommended.
4  Credit hours, Fall
PSC 5740 - Environmental Quality: Soil and Water
Senior capstone course for Environmental Soil/Water Science (ESWS) major. Students analyze current soil and water environmental quality problem(s), formulate remediation or mitigation plans, and present findings in oral and written reports. Prerequisites: PSC 5130 and two 5000-level courses dealing with Soil topics.
2  Credit hours; Communications Intensive (CI), Spring
PSC 7210 - Advanced Topics in Pedology
Strategies for designing and critiquing pedological research through literature, discussions, and field trips. Topics will change, depending upon student interest, and can include factors and processes involved in pedogenesis, soil mineralogy, soil-biota relationships, and landscape evolution. Prerequisite: PSC 6130/5130.
2  Credit hours, Spring
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