Ralph Whitesides - Research

Dr. Ralph Whitesides - Research

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Dr. Ralph Whitesides appointment at Utah State University is in teaching and Extension. He has a 30% teaching assignment and a 70% Extension assignment. As such, he does not have a formal research appointment but conducts “applied” research as part of his Extension and Teaching role.

Ralph's current research interests include:

1. Production of alternative sources of fuel by evaluating oilseed crop production on non-traditional agronomic land. He is actively researching the possibility of producing oilseed crops such as canola and safflower on roadside rights-of-way, military land, airports, and on city and county owned land that is sitting idle.
2. Long-term musk thistle control through herbicide spot treatment
3. Small acreage-pasture management
4. Statewide agronomic weed control


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