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      USU is home to the only agriculturally focused Plant Science degree in the state. In this program, students focus on the research, production, and management of economically important plants. Students have access to faculty mentors and the opportunity to receive hands-on experience working side-by-side with research scientists in laboratories, greenhouses, and fields. Plant science majors are able to customize their education and focus on a variety of areas in the plant science field, such as sustainable agriculture, crop physiology and biotechnology, weed control, fertilization, water requirements and application, and the specific production of fruits, vegetables, turf, ornamentals, and agronomic crops.
Students must choose an emphasis.
  • Horticulture and Cropping Systems: This emphasis is focused more on applied, hands-on work with plants. It is designed for students interested in applied aspects of plant production and management in the field, nursery, orchard, or greenhouse. Students can also study plant management, preparing them for careers with golf courses, botanical gardens, school campuses, and other landscapes.
  • Research: This emphasis is designed for students intending to attend graduate school. It is focused on the science of crop production, including plant breeding and genetic engineering. Because of the rapidly changing technologies in the field of plant and food production, plant research scientists are in high demand. Research Major Sheet
Off-Campus Program in Plant Science
     The off-campus plant science major is designed to prepare students for a career in the plant sciences. This major will allow a student to function well in a rapidly changing technological environment and to acquire new skills and understanding as his or her career evolves. Core courses include biology, chemistry, mathematics, soil science and ecology. 

     The horticulture and cropping system emphasis is designed for students interested in learning more about applied aspects of crop production in the field, nursery, orchard or greenhouse. It also applies to management of plants in the golf course, botanical garden, campus, or other amenity landscapes. Some courses emphasize techniques and systems in plant production management, while others provide students with an understanding of the underlying principles.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Donna Minch
USU Off-Campus Horticulture Program Coordinator & Student Advisor

Mike Caron
Horticulture Program area Advisor - Utah County