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Are you a grower or land manager? Do you deal with invasive plants in an agricultural or rangeland context? Do you work in Extension assisting clientele? Are you involved in policy or legislative activities that address land use? The Invasive Plant Science Lab is in the process of developing a 3 to 5 day short course on invasive plant ecology and management as part of Utah State University’s certification program. Please contact the Lab for more information.

Graduate Students

Are you considering graduate school or in the application process? Have you decided on an area of study? Invasive plants are just about everywhere and span a variety of research topics, both applied and basic, such as restoration, ecology, biology, modeling, and technology. The Invasive Plant Science Lab has projects underway investigating the long-term dynamics of invasive plants, extreme drought as a selection pressure on invasive plants, the use of cover crops to suppress invasive plants in organic and non-organic agricultural systems, the ability of established plant communities to resist invasion, and robots for weed control. If any of these are of interest, you have your own idea or just want to know more, please contact the Lab.

Undergraduate Students

Are you looking for part-time work that will contribute to important research? Do you like to do a variety of tasks and keep a flexible schedule? Maybe you’re the type that likes project work that has a definite start and finish. The Invasive Plant Science Lab has openings for highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a strong desire to learn and advance their careers. Not interested in jumping right in? Then try the course, Weed Biology and Management (PSC 5550/6550), which is offered during fall semesters. Please contact the Lab for opportunities.


If something about the Invasive Plant Science Lab has caught your attention or you are interested in collaborating, feel free to reach out. The Lab works across many different disciplines and is always open to developing new partnerships whether that is providing advice, putting together a proposal, contributing to a white paper, or sharing something of interest. It never hurts to ask.

Citizen Scientists

Are you a home owner, plant person, or just good at making observations? Sometimes there is information that you have an interest in that would be useful to the Invasive Plant Science Lab. If this is the case, you can contact the Lab.