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Agriculture Exports

Wesco International, Inc. is looking for a full time Hay Buyer. Wesco is an established hay export company located in Ellensburg, Washington. Wesco has 65 employees engaged in the purchasing, processing, sales, and exporting of hay to Asia and the Middle East.

Rows of crops

General John Deere Intern Page (Links to an external site.)

ASTE specific application (Marketing and Product Support) (Links to an external site.)

Post Grad Job opportunities:

“Ag & Turf Marketing & Customer Support Development Program” (Links to an external site.)

 ** Internships with John Deere help to secure a spot in the Development Program**

**It is nearly impossible to get on with Deere Company any other way**

I would Recommend applying as soon as possible, they look at any applications, but machinery and farming experience is definitely a plus.

If anyone has further questions, I am willing to talk about it, and my experience I had with a great company.

Reach out to me in email:

The links provide more information on what the internships include and involve.

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Internship Opportunity on family farm in Jamaica, West Indies

We would love to work with students who are interested in learning the skill of either sustainable beekeeping or essential oil distillation. 

We need students with ideas and information that make our farm's projects stronger.

Information about our Essential Oil Distillation Internship (Links to an external site.) and Jamaica Sustainable Beekeeping Internship (Links to an external site.) and Tropical Organic Farming Experience (Links to an external site.) can be found on our website, along with the internship  application (Links to an external site.).

Many of our interns keep blogs during their stay with us.  This page (Links to an external site.) on our website has a collection of links to the blogs of past interns, where you can get a sense of what they experience on our farm.

Thank you for helping to get these opportunities out to your students. If you have any questions or would like more information, I am happy to be contacted by email, or by phone at (876) 343-1121.

All the best,

Agape Adams

Please visit us at our farm website (Links to an external site.) and at our Facebook  (Links to an external site.)page!

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GroundWork Renewables Internship

Here is an internship some of you may be interested in. My husband works for Groundwork Renewables and would love to get a USU intern on their team. It is partially telecommuting and partially maintaining solar panels/equipment at their site in Providence.

They are looking to hire someone ASAP.

GroundWork Renewables, Inc. provides meteorological (“MET”) systems and services for solar plant performance prediction and monitoring. Our industry-leading MET and diagnostic products meet project, PPA and owner requirements to ensure profitable solar projects. (Links to an external site.)

GroundWork Renewables is looking for a motivated, paid intern to undertake the role of managing a solar research and development station in Providence, UT. If you are interested in a career related to the environment, solar energy, being on a dynamic team, this is the internship for you! Based on the quality of the internship, there is an opportunity to be hired on full time.

Apply via AGGIE Handshake. (Links to an external site.)

Facts about Inverness Club

Golf Course Turf Team Position

Intern/Turf Graduate Mission:
Working with four-time major host and experienced leader, John Zimmers, Inverness is seeking highly motivated and determined interns and turf graduates.  Amidst course preparations for the 2021 Solheim Cup all interns and graduates will be exposed to all facets of golf course maintenance on a day to day basis.  Interns are expected to have a positive attitude, be prompt and on time in a professional manner and most importantly eager to learn.


  • Perform all mowing tasks on the golf course (Greens, Approaches, Tees, Rough and Fairways)
  • Rolling
  • All aspects of bunker maintenance
  • Participate in daily course preparation (selecting hole locations and moving tee markers).
  • All types of Aerification and cultural practices.
  • Chemical and fertility applications and calibration
  • Irrigation and drainage installation, troubleshooting and repair
  • All forms of watering on various playing surfaces
  • Efficiently leading groups in various tasks

Application Instructions:
    Send cover letter and resume to Ryan Kaczor at