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Ralph Whitesides

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Educational Background

PhD, Weed Science, Oregon State University, 1979
Control of field bindweed and growth stage indexing for herbicide/tillage applications
MS, Weed Science, Oregon State University, 1978
Control of Canada thistle in Peppermint
BS, Agronomy, (Botany), Utah State University, 1974


Born and raised Layton, Utah on a diversified dairy farm. BS agronomy Utah State University 1974. Fieldman Utah/Idaho Sugar Company 1974-75. MS Weed Science Oregon State University 1978. PhD Weed Science Oregon State University 1979. Assitant Professor Oregon State University 1979-81, Assistant Professor Washington State University 1981-1987. Associate and Full Professor Utah State University 1987-present.

Teaching Interests

I enjoy teaching and Extension work that relates to agronomic crop production, especially as it relates to Weed Science. I spend most of my teaching time teaching Weed Managment, Forage Production and Pasture Ecology, and Field Crops. I spend the bulk of my time in Extension on issues related to Weed Science in agronomic settings, rangeland, and wildlands, including recreational areas such as state and national parks. I am also actively engaged in feedstock production for biofuels.

Research Interests

I do not have a designated research appointment at this time. I am actively engaged in applied research related to weed management in public lands, in cropland, and in non-traditional agricultural land that can be used for bio-fuel feedstock production.