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Steve Young

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Plants, Soils, and Climate

Assistant Professor, Invasive Plant Science

Assistant Professor

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Go toOffice Location: AGRS 323
DialPhone: 435-797-0139

Educational Background

PhD, Soil Science, University of California, 2007
The effects of species diversity and soil water dynamics on the establishment of yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) in restored Central Valley plant communities of California
MS, Plant Science, University of Idaho, 2000
Weed competition in relation to sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) populations, weed emergence, and weed control treatment
BS, Horticulture, Washington State University, 1996


Read my biography in the Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America's Paper Trail. (Vol 97:150–152)

Teaching Interests

My interest is teaching the principles of weeds and their management and how to think at the systems level. Thinking critically with the big picture in mind is crucial for addressing the ongoing challenges related to weedy and invasive plant species. I enjoy co-teaching to address cutting edge and cross discipline topics, such as invasive species impacts, ecological restoration, ecosystem resilience, integrated pest management, and social dimensions. I focus on experiential learning in the classroom and through the development of online courses/tools for students and traditional workshops in the field for professionals and practitioners.

Research Interests

The focus of my research is to address the why and how questions related to improving management practices of natural and agro- ecosystems. My primary interest is invasive plants, but similar lines of research could be applied to challenges in the associated fields of entomology, plant pathology, soil microbiology, restoration ecology, agronomy, animal science, and many more. By developing management approaches that account for disturbances and integrate multiple tools and practices, environmental and human health can be sustained over the long-term along with profitability. My ultimate goal is to provide science-based information that people can use to understand how to better manage systems and think critically about the techniques and practices, which need to protect the land and support livelihoods both now and in the future.


ORAU Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award (Nomination), 2018

Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation American Farm Bureau Federation , 2013

North American Invasive Species Management Association "Award of Excellence", 2013

National Academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI), 2011

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                  Scheduled Teaching

                  PSC 5550/6550 - Weed Biology & Management, Fall 2018

                  PSC 5550, 6550 - Weed Biology and Control, Fall 2018

                  PSC 4550 - Weed Management, Fall 2018

                  PSC 4550 - Weed Management, Fall 2018

                      Creative Works - Creative Writing

                            Graduate Students Mentored

                            Dani Thiemann, Plants, Soils, and Climate, July 2018
                            Hailey Buell, Plants, Soils, and Climate, July 2018
                            Rose Sepesy, Plants, Soils, and Climate, July 2018