Posted by: Janis Boettinger on Sep 30, 2011

Environmental Observatory

USU Environmental Observatory

The USU Environmental Observatory is the most stylish work of art and technology on the USU Logan campus!

This observatory, located west of the Agricultural Sciences building, provides continuous real-time weather data for the campus. It is an educational resource for students in the environmental sciences, and also serves the Department of Plants, Soils, and Climate as a test platform for innovations in sensor technology. This observatory continues a tradition of weather measurement at USU that began with the historic campus weather station, built in 1893, north of the Nutrition and Food Science building.

Each instrument on this automated observatory produces a signal that is recorded by the datalogger, transmitted by wireless signal to a computer, and graphically displayed on the Internet.

This observatory is unique because its sophisticated sensors are completely solar powered.

For more information and real-time observation, see the USU Environmental Observatory website.