Posted by: Skyler Di Stefano on Mar 26, 2012

USU Students Participate in Turf Bowl Competition

For the past 18 years, the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America has held a Collegiate Turf Bowl competition. This year however, Utah State University’s horticulture program was represented for the very first time. Paul Johnson, associate professor in the Plants, Soils and Climate Department in the College of Agriculture accompanied his students to the competition, and his students represented USU exceptionally well.

The competition was held in Las Vegas this year, and with 40 institutions attending the conference, a total of 84 teams competed. The five students involved that are currently attending USU, were Spencer Mendenhall, Derek Johnson, Cassidy Griffith, Nathan Shipley, and Kile Johnson.

“I was very excited that Utah State University was represented so well,” Johnson said.

The competition is a lot more complex than most would believe it to be. Students from the same university are organized into a team of five and challenged to further develop the skills needed to have a successful turf-management operation.

Students work together to the maintenance objectives associated with the goals of a golf course, while including the best business strategies, as they develop new ideas for uses of energy innovation.

“Because the interest in golf course management is relatively small, I just hope to continue getting more students involved.” said Johnson.

Johnson has many ideas about making this program better. One of the goals he hopes to achieve is to have a one credit course opened for students that will better prepare them for this competition as well as better educate them on what they will be dealing with in the industry. If his idea is initiated, the class with be open fall of 2012.

For more information, or to learn more about the Turf Bowl Conference and USU’s involvement please visit the following web addresses or contact Paul Johnson

Writer: Sarah Hatch,