Posted by: Tiffany Adams on May 9, 2013

PSC Student Named Outstanding Graduate Student at USU - Uintah Basin

Colleen Jones, named Outstanding Graduate Student for 2012-2013 at USU - Uintah Basin, works in the Pariette Wetlands for her thesis. 

Named Outstanding Graduate Student for 2012-2013 at Utah State University – Uintah Basin, Colleen Jones, a PSC student, became the first scholar to graduate with a doctorate in the sciences from this USU regional campus. 

For her thesis, Jones worked with the Bureau of Land Management to identify how selenium mobilized in Pariette Wetlands. “Selenium is an essential nutrient for animals,” Jones said. “ However, in large doses selenium is toxic, especially to egg-laying animals.”

Now that she has finished her doctoral work, Jones plans to work with US Fish and Wildlife and the Utah Water Quality Division to continue monitoring water, soil and plants while also studying macroinvertebrates (e.g. worms and insects), birds and fish.