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Reconstructing Precipitation in Northern Utah Over the Last 1000 Years From Tree Ring Data

This is an integrative study that includes scientists in geology, climatology and tree physiology. The ultimate goal is to reconstruct the precipitation over the last millennium over the Great Basin. But we begin in the northern mountain region of Utah. Past climate reconstructions from tree rings (dendroclimatology) is lacking in this highly populated region. Analyses of some existing data from the very NE corner of Utah indicated a cyclical pattern of droughts.
Here we will acquire more adequate data to demonstrate the previous climate record for precipitation in this region. The various cycles of droughts and wet episodes can be quantified, in terms of frequency of occurrence, duration and intensity.
This study connects with our other investigations of drought over the last century, and connections to oceanic and atmospheric features. The results here, would allow us to trace back in time to longer scale patterns of drought.

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