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Boettinger Lab People

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• Janis Boettinger

• Professor

Janis' academic goals: Achieving excellence in understanding the origin, spatial distribution, and function of soils in ecosystems. Building a vibrant and well-funded program in pedology that synergizes Cooperative Soil Survey and outreach activities, fundamental research, teaching, and student mentoring.

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Curriculum Vita

• Suzann Kienast-Brown

• Doctoral Student; Soil Scientist, GIS, and Remote Sensing Specialist for USDA, NRCS.

Suzann applies digital soil mapping in the USA Soil Survey Program and instructs a course on the application of remote sensing techniques in soil survey to USDA soil scientists. She is currently pursuing a doctorate with Dr. Boettinger, focusing on digital soil mapping techniques for soil survey updates in the western USA.

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• Laureen Kelly

• Postdoctoral Researcher

Laureen is researching parent material, soils, and landscape characteristics associated with shrubby-reed mustard, an endangered plant species endemic to the Uinta Basin in Utah. A decision making tool for use in identifying shrubby-reed mustard potential habitat will be developed.

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• Colby Brungard

• Doctoral Candidate

Colby's research focuses on using Digital Soil Mapping techniques to elucidate the spatial scale at which soil varies across different landscapes. Colby's research also focuses on the different types of statistical models useful for predicting soil distribution and what these models tell us about pedogenesis.

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• Brook Fonnesbeck

• Undergraduate Research Assistant

Brook is developing a new method for inorganic  carbon analysis using a Modified Pressure Calcimeter using soil from several areas in the Western US, including the Upper Las Vegas Wash, NAPT samples, and soils from Snake Valley, UT. Brook also assists students with laboratory analysis of soils for their projects.

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• Jeremiah Armentrout

• Undergraduate Research Assistant

Jeremiah is conducting an ecosite evaluation using vegetative field data and Predictive Soil Mapping for one of the Fort Bliss ranges. The goal of the project is to predict soil distribution to support ecological sites. The research site is located in Otero Mesa, New Mexico.

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