Research Opportunities


Research is an essential part of most graduate degree programs. Its best to contact faculty in your area of interest prior to application for graduate school to secure the availability of a major professor and research assistant funding, if applicable. Please visit the "People" page of the website to determine possible faculty to work with. Some of the research interests in the department include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Control of weeds in crops and wildlands.
  • Genetics and physiology of fruit, vegetable, ornamental, and field crops
  • Biotechnology and functional genomics
  • Evolution, genetic regulation, and utilization of apomixis and other developmental phenomena of higher plants
  • Management of agronomic and horticultural production systems
  • Horticultural landscape water management
  • Urban landscape management including turfgrasses and ornamentals
  • Soil formation and landscape evolution
  • Soil, plant, water, and nutrient relationships
  • Management of saline and sodic soils
  • Alternative land uses
  • Improved management of animal wastes and biosolids
  • Management of soil microbial processes
  • Drainage and irrigation systems
  • Adaptations to weather and weather modifications
  • Analyses and modification of large-scale surface evaporation from atmospheric boundary layer measurements
  • Spatial and temporal properties of sun flecks in plant canopies
  • Spatial variation in surface fluxes of heat and water vapor in semiarid regions