Soils Team

Soils Team


The Soil Judging Team is comprised of students from the PSC department, as well as other departments, who have shown a desire to be affiliated with the team. Soils Team participants engage in competitions involving the description and classification of soils. These events involve local, regional, and national contests. Utah State University's (USU) 2010 Soils Team competed at the National Contest; the team took fourth place in the group competition and sixth place overall (out of twenty-one teams)!

 Team Participation

Students that would like to join Utah State University's (USU) Soils Team and participate in nationwide contests can enroll in Special Problems: PSC 4900-004 at USU (not mandatory). Dr. Janis L. Boettinger teaches this course and is faculty advisor.   John Lawley is Coach for USU's team.

Contest Participation: Contests Hosted:
1993-1996, 2000-2009 Northwest Regional Contests 1993, 1996, 2001, and 2004 Northwest Regional Contests
1994, 2005-2011 National Contests 2007 National Collegiate Soil Judging Contest
1995 NACTA Contest
2010 Utah Contest


 Club Contacts:

Coaches --         John Lawley, 435-757-8117
  Janis Boettinger, 435-797-4026