Student Activities


     The Plants, Soils, and Climate has many activities and functions for students, ranging from social events, to clubs and teams, to service projects.  The faculty and staff are very involved in many of these projects and always encourage students to participate, get to know each other, the department, and the College of Agriculture. 
FALL  SOCIAL  - the department hosts a back to school fall social each year and all students enrolled in the department are invited to attend.  The department furnishes the main course and faculty/staff provide side dishes pot luck style.  The event has traditionally been held at the fair grounds pavilion and is early enough in the fall semester for very nice weather. 
DAY ON THE QUAD - held each fall shortly after the beginning of the semester.  Departments participate in displays highlighting the programs in their department.  Look for the PSC display at this event.
STUDENT FARM - Students wishing to gain experience on an organic farm and a CSA are welcome to participate in the Student Farm.  Please contact Dr. Jennifer Reeve.
SOILS TEAM - Students wishing to gain additional experience describing, classifying, and interpreting soils and landscapes are welcome to participate on the USU Soils Team. Dr. Janis Boettinger is the faculty advisor and John Lawley is the coach of the Soils Team.
PSC DEPARTMENT CHRISTMAS LUNCHEON - the department hosts an informal luncheon here in the department for all PSC students each year close to the Christmas holidays.
FLOWER SALES are conducted near Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter.  The sale of poinsettias, roses, carnations and easter lillies are handled by students either on campus or at the teaching greenhouse just south of
the football stadium and the proceeds are put into the PSC student fund to assist students with any extracurricular travel or workshop opportunities that may come up during the year.  Craig Aston is in charge of running the teaching greenhouse as well as these flower sales events.
APPLE CIDER PRESSING has traditionally been done in the fall.  Students are able to assist with the entire process from pressing the apples to filling the plastic containers.  The cider is sold through the teaching greenhouse facilities.  Craig Aston also mentors this project.
COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE fall dinner - honoring scholarship recipients and donors college wide, this event is always a huge success.  It gives everyone in the College of Agriculture an opportunity to meet one another. 
PLANET (Professional Landcare Network) Annual Career Days - held at various locations throughout the United States usually in early spring, this event offers students the opportunity to compete with other schools in a variety of landscape and horticulture related events as well as attend the career fair to investigate the career opportunities available to them.  Students work on various fund raising activities within the department to offset the travel costs.  Visit with Craig Aston for more information on this event.