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iPACE: An International Partnership in Agriculture, Climate and Environment

Building with iPACE imposed over one side

Utah State University (USU) has a long history of international cooperation and welcomes international exchange programs with Taiwanese partners. The generous donation from Don and Ming Wang to USU’s College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences has made the international Partnership in Agriculture, Climate and Environment (iPACE) possible. This partnership was established to facilitate unique opportunities for students and faculty to:

          1. Enhance knowledge and skills essential in science and today’s economy
          2. Learn and understand cultures and customs of the world
          3. Dispel prejudices and cultural misunderstanding
          4. Expand personal and academic networks

These goals inevitably will increase student success and raise the research potential of faculty. While every institute can realize the potential benefits of international exchange and collaboration, few overcome the logistical hurdles of making them reality. These hurdles are financial (travel costs, living expense, student tuition, etc.) plus involving significant faculty time and effort. To clear these hurdles and be successful, any international exchange program relies critically on three basic elements: i) funding, ii) leadership, and iii) shared vision. The iPACE has emerged from a budding partnership between USU and two universities in Taiwan: The National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) and the National Central University (NCU).

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