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Pawel Szafruga

M.S. Student


  1. Szafruga, P., B. Jones and S.P. Friedman. 2020. Optimizing Heat Pulse Probe Parameters and Design to Enhance Soil Water Flux Measurement Resolution. In preparation for review in Journal of Hydrology.


  1. Jones, Scott B., Kashifa Rumana, Masaru Sakai, Pawel Szafruga and Markus Tuller. 2014. A Multifunctional Heat Pulse Probe for Soil Physical Property and Process Assessment. Meeting of the World Congress of Soil Scientists, Jeju, South Korea, June 8-13.
  2. Szafruga, Pawel, Shmulik P. Friedman and Scott B. Jones. Streaming potential and heat pulse methods for high resolution, in-situ, porous medium water flux estimates. Presented at the Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL, Nov. 3-6, 2013.
  3. Szafruga, Pawel, Kashifa Rumana, Shmulik P. Freidman, and Scott B. Jones. 2013. Measuring mm/d water flux densities with an improved penta-needle heat-pulse probe (PHPP). Presented at the Annual Spring Runoff Conference, Utah State University, Eccles Conference Center, Logan, UT, April 9-10.
  4. Szafruga, Pawel, Shmulik P. Friedman and Scott B. Jones. 2012. Soil Water Flux Estimates from Streaming Potential and Penta-needle Heat Pulse Probe Measurements. Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio, October 21-24, 2012.
  5. Carlisle, J., P. Szafruga, V. Mahat, B. Mace, K. Schreuders, B. Jones, D.G. Tarboton, L. Hipps and J.L. Boettinger. 2010. Instrumentation Enhancement and Data Processing at the T.W. Daniel Experimental Forest: A Drought Management Initiative Project. Combined Western Snow Conference and Spring Runoff Conference, April 19-22, Logan, UT.